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Defense - 7 Tips For Stopping An Elite Guard

Deny the Player - You can also deny the player the ball from the start. The player guarding the inbounder completely denies the star player while the defensive player assigned to the star player is on the opposite side. If he were to catch the ball, you could have the player denying the pass sprint back to the person he was initially guarding.

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This half-court defense is used mainly to stop a team with a dominant, star perimeter player. It is not the same thing as the " triangle-and-two " used to defend two good perimeter players. This defense attempts to deny the star the ball, and double-team when he/she does get the ball.

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The star is a wing-forward player. See the Triangle Defense. Deny him the ball, stay between him and the ball ("on the line" --- see "Man-to-Man Pressure Defense"). Force him to back-cut into traffic, where your low post defenders can help out. The star is a low post player. Several points: (a) Box-out and keep him off the offensive boards. (b) Deny the pass to him. There are several components to this. The low post defender can three-quarter front him to keep the pass out.

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If it is part of your program’s arsenal, consider using a “junk defense” against the star player. These combination defenses can limit the star player and potentially confound his/her teammates. 5. Make them work on defense. Again, the goal here is to force the star player into expending energy. Go at them with dribble penetration.

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Box-and-One. A box-and-one defense is a combination of zone and man-to-man strategies. Four defenders cover the court in a zone to form the “box” portion of the defense. The fifth defender covers...

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If you can guard the best player on the opposing team, that’s how valuable you become to your own team. Join PGC Director Marke Freeman as she teaches you th...

5 Basketball Defense Drills to Lock Down Any Opponent

This requires players to be able to play great on-ball defense and for help defense to be in the correct position and ready to rotate and help when needed. Use the following 5 basketball defense drills to: Improve closeout defense (drills 1 and 2). Improve on-ball defense (drills 1 and 5). Improve defensive technique (drills 3 and 4).

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