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what are 4 goals in football called

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are two main kinds of sports ...

There are two main kinds of sports:(1)_____ sports and individual sports.

4 Or More Goals Are Scored - Football ...

Besides hat trick and brace, are there other nicknames used?

football becomes ...

Read this passage then write True/ False Nowsday, football becomes one of the world's most popular games.

What are 5 goals scored in a match called? : soccer - reddit

I know 2 is a brace, 3 is a hat trick, 4 is poker, but what is 5?

in the blank with one suitable word.We are sure you are interested ...

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What is poker? What is making poker in football? - tipsmake.com

In a football match each player can score many goals.

Football Goals In History - Sports Show

The football world has already witnessed several goals right after the starting whistle.